speed cameras fully operational on village street

as approved by West Yorkshire Constabulary and Calderdale Council Highways Dept


Project leader: Ian Woodall


The speed at which cars come through the village has been raised as an issue for many years 

We are now pleased to announce that following an overwhelmingly positive vote from village residents in support of a road safety scheme for the village, two speed cameras are now in position and collecting details of cars speeding either up or down the village.

Discreet Speed Detection Cameras x 2

Speed Camera Awareness Signage x 2

The Local Authority Highways and Police have advised on the exact locations of the speed detection cameras.
They are fixed to existing lampposts and are solar-powered 
See scheme drawing here >

More information about AutoSpeedWatch and their cameras can be found here >

The cameras assess the speed of an approaching vehicle and photograph the rear as it passes. The cameras link to a secure server to store the collected data according to GDPR regulations.  The information relating to the speeding vehicles is collated by AutoSpeedWatch and a designed CIC individual forwards a weekly report to the police.  The CIC then has no further involvement.

Any action is taken completely at the discretion of the local police
They have issued the following statement about how they will respond to the data collected by the cameras.

The police will action one or more of the following:- 

    • Target our enforcement actions at set times when the speeding is being identified to be at the worst from the Auto Speed Watch data.
    • If we have a particular routine offender, say every Friday 1600-1700 the same car travels through village at speed, we could enforce at that time with the aim to give a ticket with points.
    • All vehicles that are flagged as “offenders” we would routinely check for tax/insurance etc
    • Any lower level speeders that are identified we would write a warning letter or consider a home visit to address the behaviour.
    • If the visit/letter does not work and vehicle continues to speed through the area we would consider point no.2 (above) to try and catch them in the act”
    • We also have powers under the police reform act to seize nuisance vehicles if the data supported this.


The local council are supporting this scheme by providing the speed camera awareness signage

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How much will the road safety scheme cost?

Implementing the proposed scheme will cost £1,273 plus vat.  This includes 2no. camera units each with a solar booster.

There are no installation costs as the cameras are very easy to fix in place.

There is an annual subscription cost of £148 plus vat per camera to cover the data connectivity

How will the scheme be paid for?

The CIC has already receive it’s first government grant of £500 towards funding a road safety scheme for the village. Find out more here >

The balance has been covered by funds raised by the village fete in August 2021, along with additional monies raised by Norwood Green resident, Kevin Hobson.

What data is collected by the cameras?

The cameras deliberately avoid recording people and no personal information is recorded. Instead the cameras record vehicles, and only those vehicles where there is good reason to suspect it is significantly breaking the law. It records the rear of vehicles to avoid faces, and people are not identified – that is left to the police should they choose to investigate further and connect a vehicle to a registered owner or keeper, and that information is not passed back to the CIC.

Should the police wish to investigate a vehicle by looking up the vehicle owner/keeper then that personal information remains entirely within the domain of the police.

Who has access to the data collected by the cameras?

The data collected by the cameras is held on the AutoSpeedWatch secure servers and can be viewed by a designated CIC director.  This data relates to the vehicle only and the owner of the vehicle cannot be identified from this information.

The designated CIC director passes all data to the relevant police department who then take the appropriate action. See police statement above.

stroud test case


The proposed solution for the village is based on a recent trial carried out in Stroud, which faced similar persistent speeding problems.  As a result, Stroud District Road Safety Group has recommended that this solution is considered as part of an integrated approach to modifying driver behaviour and reducing speeding in the Stroud District.

Click on the image to read the full test case ⇒