Proposed Initiative


The speed at which cars come through the village has been raised as an issue for many years now

In consultation with the local council, the Police and Crimes Commissioner and the local police, along with AutoSpeedWatch a private speed camera company, the following package of measures is suggested as a cost-effective and non-invasive way of drawing drivers attention to the 20 mph speed limit through the village.

These measures will also ensure that persistent speed offenders are logged and notified to the police in order that they can take the appropriate action against the offender

Project Leader: Ian Woodall

Proposed solution

Discreet Speed Detection Cameras

Speed Camera Awareness Signage

Speed Indicator Devices

The Local Authority Highways and Police will advise on the exact locations of the speed detection cameras; potentially one eastbound and one westbound on Village Street.  West Yorkshire Police have also proposed that they install their ‘Smiling Sid’ speed detector

The cameras assess the speed of an approaching vehicle and photograph the rear as it passes. The cameras link to a secure server to store the data.  The information relating to the speeding vehicles is collated by Auto Speed Watch and a designed CIC individual forwards a weekly report to the police.  The CIC then has no further involvement.

Any action is taken completely at the discretion of the local police, who will treat this as a matter of public nuisance.  They can also use the data to check for tax, insurance and MOT compliance.

stroud test case


The proposed solution for the village is based on a recent trial carried out in Stroud, which faced similar persistent speeding problems.  As a result, Stroud District Road Safety Group has recommended that this solution is considered as part of an integrated approach to modifying driver behaviour and reducing speeding in the Stroud District.

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