2021 will see the very first ‘Cars On The Green’ event combined with the Norwood Green Summer Fete.

Attendance is expected to be good, a successful event will lead to an expansion of the event future years.

  • Due to the location of the show we are very limited for numbers and every car has to be PRE-BOOKED
  • We aim to have as much variation of vehicles as possible to appeal to a wide range of tastes
  • We do not have club stands. Nothing against any club and we welcome individual bookings from clubs. However as stated before we like a varied range of cars on display and we mix up the parking
  • We ask for PRE-1995 cars only. There are some exceptions for special, unusual or interesting cars. These will be booked at our discretion
  • There is NO turn up and show
  • There is a £20 booking fee to secure your place at the show. Every penny of this goes directly to the village greens fund. Unfortunately not refundable. However, each booking gets one free Brunch at the Old White Beare Pub
  • The show is all on the grass, so a change to poor weather and poor ground conditions will lead to possibility the event may be cancelled or reduced
  • Due to the location of the show being held of the public space all the vehicles have to be in place by no later than 9:45am and will not be able to move again until the show is closed around 6pm
  • We do not want to cause any upset to anyone so please do not turn up without being confirmed, booked and paid
  • As this show is a mix of tastes we ask exhibitors to be respectful of others choice of ride as beauty is in the eye the of the beholder

How to Show Your Car or Bike

Below is the way to apply to book your vehicle in to the show:-

  1. Please send through the “Contact” page information about your car/bike including Make, Model, Year, Registration and a good picture (up to 10MB). The picture is so that it can post it up on here and also on the Facebook page. (If you do not want us to post up your picture please mention this in the e-mail)
  2. Once we have received your information and the car fits our show we will e-mail you back requesting your personal details, name and full address including post code.
  3. We will ask for £20 to confirm your booking with payment details Please do not send any money until we confirm your place and request it.
  4. Once booked and paid you will receive a booking confirmation e-mail
  5. The joining instructions and car pass will be sent out around one month before the show


By sending your details it will be taken that you have read them and agreed to them.

All cars/bikes have to be pre-booked as we are limited for space. Also as it is a public space that is going to be closed off and made into a pedestrian right of way we can not have cars moving about. So to avoid any disappointment of being turned away on the day, get your applications in!

Rules and Regs

We want this show to be as chilled out and enjoyable for all as possible.
However there has to be some rules as this is a public highway and there will be pedestrians walking around.

  1. All cars/bikes that are showing have to be on the green by 9.45am displaying the vehicle pass in the windscreen.
  2. Please adhere to a strict 5 mph speed limit while moving cars/bikes around on the closed part of the high street.
  3. All engines must be switched off by 9.50am and not started again until the show is over at 4.00pm.
  4. Cars/Bikes will not be able to leave until the end of the show (unless for emergency which you would need to contact a member of the crew)
  5. No loud stereo’s to be played at any time during the show, no engine revving and no burnouts. If this happens you will be asked to leave and your details passed on to the police.


  1. Although the road will be closed the rules and regulations of the public highway apply and should be adhered to.
  2. You are responsible at all times for your own vehicle.
  3. You display your car at your own risk and any damage or loss is not the responsibility of any of the “Cars On The Green” organisers or sponsors.
  4. The show is insured for public liability. However it is down to the individual exhibitor to make you have adequate insurance cover for the activity you are engaging in.

These may seem a bit harsh but it is to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.