Something new is happening with the Residents Open Meetings

Over the past few weeks we have been collecting feedback from village residents on what would be the best format going forward for the Norwood Green Residents Open Meetings.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the feedback survey (which is still open for anyone who hasn’t yet sent their feedback – CLICK HERE).

This is what you’ve asked for and how we are responding to your requests:-


Great idea! We can definitely do this now that the Covid restrictions have been lifted.

We will be opening the doors to the Village Hall at 7.30pm and we’ll be offering a glass of wine (or tea and coffee) to all attendees, and some time to have a chat with friends and neighbours, as well as the Better Place CIC directors before starting the meetings


We are very happy to do this and want to encourage feedback and interaction from residents during the open meetings. As well as running through the various ongoing village projects, we will be allowing plenty of time for your questions and opinions

For the sake of timings and to keep things as concise as possible, it would helpful if you can email any questions you have prior to the meetings so that we can allow time to go through the main issues from everybody.

Find out how to contact us here


We would definitely like to be able to do this! There is however a practical issue to resolve ie the installation of broadband at the Village Hall. This is currently in hand but unfortunately won’t be ready for the next meeting on 12th October so we have a temporary solution in place for this meeting.

Going forward, the Zoom option will be offered for all Residents Open Meetings. Zoom also allows the meetings to be recorded and the recording will be made available to village residents who are unable to attend on the night.


Each meeting is different and the agenda will focus on what is most relevant to village residents at the time. For example at the meeting on 12 October, we will be announcing the amount raised by the village and visitors to the Summer Fete in August, along with how the funds are being allocated across the various nominated village green projects. Also provision of a public defibrillator was high on the list of village priorities and we will be giving an update on this subject at this meeting

To find out the dates for the Residents Open Meetings, check out the village Events Page here and also keep an eye on the two village notice boards

5 thoughts on “Something new is happening with the Residents Open Meetings

  1. Martin P says:

    I hope very much that it will be possible to extend the meetings by means of Zoom, so the very best with internet connectivity.

    Whatever, I assume that minutes will be taken for the meetings and published on this site, much as with NGRA previously?

    I wonder if someone could kindly confirm?


  2. Katie Grady says:

    Hi Any updates on the minutes from the 12th October? I’d love to know how much was raised at the fete… And thanks for trying to get Zoom working for that meeting… Shame about the connection ?

  3. Martin P says:

    I’ve just received an email, with the minutes for the last meeting in the form of a link enabling a download, so thanks all for those. It’s a great help for anyone who couldn’t attend.

    However, unless one were to save the minutes oneself, then as far as I can see there won’t be access to historical minutes as they accumulate.

    I also note that a resident proposed a forum, and that the idea was generally welcomed.

    Could two birds then not be killed with the same stone?

    That is, if the minutes were posted on this site in the form of a “noticeboard” – much as are these news items, and with comments enabled – then residents could remark on, or add to, minuted items, which would serve pretty well all the expectations of a forum, and also stop matters from going off the boil, as they can do.

    I wouldn’t expect heavy traffic, and if a solution to the spam problem were found – there are various ones commonly used by sites like this – then we’d probably find that that we didn’t even need a moderator’s time, what with profanity filters and the rest.

    Anyway, thanks again for the helpful email and current minutes.

  4. Martin P says:

    Apologies – I’ve just found the minutes on this website on the drop-down menu with the “Norwood Green Village” tab.

    However, the rest of my post – as to the possibility of posting them as a news item with comments enabled – is as I would still want it to be.

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