Three ways you can support the Summer Fete

With just a few weeks to go to the Norwood Green Summer Fete on Sunday 29th August, we need your help

There are three ways you can support the Summer Fete ..

No.1 You can volunteer, lend an item or sponsor an event

We have published a lovely long list of little ways you can support the Fete with contact details next to each item.

This could be anything from setting up stalls on the day, baking a cake, lending your outdoor chairs, digging around in your loft for unwanted ‘Tat and Treasures’, judging the dog show, helping out with the children’s games for a couple of hours, selling raffle tickets, whatever takes your fancy….

No.2. You can help tidy up the greens in preparation for the big day

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen an amazing turnout of residents with rakes, strimmers and mowers giving up their time to sort out the greens in preparation for the Summer Fete.

The council have also done their bit and given the greens a really good cut, so the greens are now looking really lovely

And we want to make sure they stay this way …

In collaboration with the council, a team of residents with sit-on mowers have volunteered to keep the grass within a manageable length, and we will also be organising one last push prior to the date of the fete to make sure the greens look their very best for the day.

Keep an eye out on the village facebook page and also the village notice boards for our next ‘Tidy up the Greens’ Working Party

No.3 You can donate to the Summer Fete ‘Crowdfunder’ appeal

As a way of raising more funds via the Summer Fete, a Crowdfunder appeal page has been set up

This appeal will go live on 1 August 2021, for one month only

‘Crowdfunder is an online platform that allows organisations to offer prizes in return for donations to a charity or a cause.

We have already populated our Summer Fete Crowdfunder page with a number of prizes and ways to donate to the village funds, such as Brodstock tickets, golfing vouchers, raffle tickets, ‘a key to the world’, etc, etc

BUT we need more …

If you run a local business or service, can you offer a voucher or a product that we can add to the Crowdfunder appeal to help raise funds? Please contact us if you can help in this way

Every little bit helps towards the village funds and associated charities