The newly formed Top Green Working Party

Top Green Working Party

The Top Green now has it’s own official working party

The newly formed Top Green Working Party met this week to discuss the requirements for residents who live around this particular green. These range from wildflower planting to constructing steps down to Billy Woods to make the slope safer for walkers.

Slope to Billy Woods

Under the guidance of Marc Salama, who works at Nordgreen Nurseries and is a qualified garden designer as well as a CIC director, these requirements can be made a reality with access to funding via the CIC, and also with structured discussions with Calderdale Council about the upkeep of the greens and surrounding areas.

Top Green view

3d artist impression drawings will be produced by Marc to show what the green will look like when the work is implemented. The drawings will be published on this website to gain agreement in principle from village residents and Calderdale Council.

Find out how to get involved in village initiatives here >

One thought on “The newly formed Top Green Working Party

  1. Martin P says:

    Might I commend and thank the working party for the work done so far and for the further commitments?

    It’s only natural that those most interested in doing this will be the residents living closest to a given section of green, but I particularly acknowledge their recognition that they are improving an amenity for the general public of the locality at large, and not simply considering the Green as some kind of open plan garden for those private properties which just happen to adjoin it.

    I’ve done bits and pieces myself e.g. cutting out diseased tree branches, resetting collapsed “no parking” signs and so on, but this is a much better way of doing things.

    I’ve been a member of the Open Spaces Society for some time, and for anyone interested in the protection of greens generally I’d heartily recommend joining.

    Whatever, their website gives very valuable information to all, as to the historic laws protecting our greens, how to apply for works to be done legally and so on.

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